Equivoque & P.A.T.E.O.

Equivoque & P.A.T.E.O.

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Can it be ESP? Mind Control? Hypnotism? Once you have learned the correct way of performing these two incredible secrets you will be all ready to present your miracles under any conditions and using just borrowed or easily obtained everyday objects.

Consider just one of the effects we explain in this fascinating booklet: Five objects are borrowed from the audience and a volunteer merely thinks of any one of them. Turning his back to the proceedings he makes a simple line drawing onto an unfaked artists’ pad or notebook.

A second spectator eliminates four of the borrowed objects leaving her with a final selection. The first spectator shows his line drawing – it is an exact picture of the object selected by the second spectator!

In another trick as featured by Maurice Fogel you leave an envelope or wallet in full view explaining that it contains a single playing card.

Spectators from your audience then create a playing card between them and it proves to be the same card in the wallet!

A truly incredible prediction.

All is fully explained in our fascinating Mr. 'E' booklet.

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