Banknote Miracle

Banknote Miracle

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Here is a miracle effect that you can perform anywhere at anytime with no preparation whatsoever and nothing to memorise prior to performance.

Walk into any room or group of people quite unprepared and if challenged to “read my mind!” you can do so there and then.

Any spectator removes a banknote and they themselves fold it into a small packet with the note’s serial number inside.

The folded note is now pushed under the clip of an ordinary pen that is then held by the spectator in full view. You concentrate and start calling off a serial number allowing any other spectator to write this down onto an odd scrap of paper they may have about their person.

The first spectator themselves removes the banknote from the pen’s clip, unfolds the note & reads the note’s serial number out – it is the exact same serial number that you have just called out loud!

Banknote Miracle is perfect for close-up, cabaret & walkabout as there is nothing at all to get ready – so you can repeat it again and again.

The number is different every time and you don’t have a number to memorise before the performance, you learn this DURING your performance in a very subtle & covert manner.

Full method in our Mr. E booklet.

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