Animal Cartoons - Mr E

Animal Cartoons - Mr E

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Clever tricks with cartoon pictures of animals are popular with both the young and the not so young and with the aid of this double set of ten laminated picture cards depicting popular animals (two of each a total 20 pictures) many entertaining effects are possible!

We explain FIVE but you will soon be developing many more:

Effect number one: Monkeying About: A superb easy-to-perform prediction effect that you will perform often, requiring no particular set-up!

Effect number two: Ani-Mental – Selection: Any animal merely thought of by any spectator is correctly revealed by the performer. No force or stooges used.

Effect number three: Deal or Double Deal: The performer arranges ten animal cards in one pile in exactly the correct order that a spectator deals their corresponding animal cards. A truly spectacular prediction!

Effect number four: Animal Coincidence: Two matching sets of animal cards and both a spectator and the performer each selects an animal by chance; amazingly both animals are an exact match!

Effect number five: Noah’s Ark: The TRUE story! Noah didn't allow the animals to go into his Ark two by two because they were not married but after a wedding ceremony that’s the way they came out! The perfect matching effect with a charming patter story!

All the tricks are easy-to-do and come complete with the laminated jumbo cards (4.5” x 5.5”) & instructions.

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