Card Pro-Diction - Mre

Card Pro-Diction - Mre

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Come back in time with me over fifty-years to one of the very first meetings of the then newly formed Mercian Mystics Society in Stoke-on-Trent, our newly elected secretary Stan Williamson (pictured) was about to perform.

Williamson showed a pack of playing cards, spreading them freely to show that they were indeed a mixed pack and that all the cards were present. He also placed an envelope that he claimed contained his prediction, in full view.

While Williamson turned his back the pack was cut by another member and a card selected, which was then inserted sight unseen the wrong way up in the pack.

Stan opened his prediction envelope from which he took out a sheet of folded paper and allowing two members to look over his shoulder Stan read from his prediction paper: “I have written this prediction before tonight’s meeting and have the strange feeling that the King of Spades will be the card freely selected from the pack this evening! Signed Stan Williamson.”

One of our members spread out the pack across a table – only one card was face upwards in the face down pack unbelievable – it was the King of Spades!

The card is not forced and any card in the pack of fifty-two can be selected with no switch of card. Use any pack and any paper and envelope. No swami gimmick or similar. Easy-to-do.

All is revealed in our 6-page paperback booklet. Use your own playing cards.

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