Jewellery Box Prediction -

Jewellery Box Prediction -

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The Magician shows a wooden box (3" x 5" x 2.75")and opens the lid. Within are six colourful stones Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Violet.

The magician asks a spectator to chooses one stone and place it upon a table.

Then the magician asks the spectator to open the drawer at the bottom of the box and the spectator finds a piece of folded paper and opens it. It is the magician's prediction that exactly matches with the chosen coloured stone!

No need to force, this enchanting effect works with ANY chosen colour. Nothing is switched out - there is only one paper in the drawer. No sleight of hand is required
Super easy to do!

Comes complete with the wooden Jewellery Box, jewels and instructions.

"Just to thank you for the fantastic trick called the jewellery box prediction. Its so easy to do and it gets a great reaction. It is sure to become a collectable in time well made and a bargain price, thanks again Eddie." John Middling.

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