Phony Bone

Phony Bone

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Phony Bone is one of those tricks that often register better than the more expensive item in your children’s shows, possibly because of the simple plot & characters that even the youngest child can understand!

You tell the children that you are going to show them a picture of your telephone at home that their parents use to book your show for their birthday parties.

However, when you remove the picture all the children laugh and shout – it is not a PHONE it is a BONE! Oh dear, silly you has brought a picture of your dog’s bone by mistake.

You slip the picture into an envelope for safety and get the children to call your magic words “Phony Bony!”
When you next show the picture it has changed to your colourful red telephone, the one you take your bookings on when the mums and dads call you before the children’s birthdays.

However, your joy is short lived as a few moments later the telephone magically changes back into your dog’s BONE. This sequence can be repeated several times if you so wish!

How on earth can a BONE change into a PHONE? The children know the answer and will soon be telling you that all you are doing is turning the picture around, that there’s a BONE on one side and a PHONE on the opposite side.

Now follows the traditional fun as the children demand to see the opposite side of the picture and you try to get out of it by turning it this way and that but never showing them the side they wish to see!

Eventually and after much fun and laughter you turn the picture around and the secret of the magic is exposed – it’s a picture of your cute little DOG who is working Doggy Magic or so you claim.

The older children are not fooled and want to see inside the envelope, have you got yet another picture inside?

And yes, there is something inside which when a child removes it, proves to be a Birthday or Christmas card or even perhaps a small bar of chocolate (the choice is yours) the envelope is otherwise completely empty and can be freely examined!

Comes with the laminated pictures (5.5” x 7.5”), unfaked envelope, routine & instructions.

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