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Three alternative presentations are given to this sensational effect. Six upturned styrofoam cups are on either your table or a large tray. You rattle each cup and something is heard inside each one.

While you turn your eyes away, a spectator mixes up the line of cups so that they are in a random order. Now in a game of chance, the spectator and you each choose cups for the other player, alternately. Each time either you or the spectator smacks their flat palm down on the cup – crushing it completely.

Only one cup is left and it is your turn but you explain this is the winning cup and you are about to claim your prize. The cup is lifted to reveal a nasty looking NEEDLEPOINTED MESSAGE SPIKE, WITH THE SPIKE POINTING UPWARDS!

If either you or the spectator had crushed this final cup, you would have spiked your hand without question. A sensational and dramatic version of Russian roulette!

In another presentation, you smash only one cup chosen by a spectator. All the others prove to have a spike or up pointed dagger beneath them.

Fully described in our Mr.E booklet.

Easy-to-do. Sorry but Spiked is not sold to juveniles.

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