Ballooning Fun - GIANT Size

Ballooning Fun - GIANT Size

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A knock-out effect for your children’s shows! Based on the classic ‘Stung’ trick with an easy to follow routine but without having a sting in its tail yet keeping all the traditional fun.

Three laminated picture cards are displayed each with a colourful balloon upon it; Orange, Red and Blue; there is lots of fun as you keep getting all the colours wrong.

Eventually all three go into a folder and you ask the children to put up their hands for their favourite colour. The Blue balloon picture is removed and some of the children’s hands are raised, followed by Orange.

‘You ask, “Can anyone tell me what colour is left inside the folder?” They will chorus back, “Red!”. But you claim that the red balloon has now vanished, the boys and girls are suspicious and insist you show them inside the folder, after a little fun, you claim that you made it vanish by sticking a pin in it and it went BANG showing that the red balloon has disappeared and inside the folder is a card with a ‘BANG!’ picture on it.

The children are not satisfied and insist that you show the other side of the card – after the usual ‘turn it around’ gags you admit there is a red balloon on the opposite side of the card and show that it’s a picture of your favourite red balloon dog!

Very easy to do and an absolute stunner!

Comes with a set of GIANT (approx 10.5 x 7.5") laminated picture cards, folder & instructions.

Only £19.99

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