Adair's Patriotic Thimbles

Adair's Patriotic Thimbles

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This is a lovely display close-up effect that is ideal for table-hopping or silent performance. Everything happens in your hands!

You openly display three large thimbles, coloured red, white and blue, nothing else is concealed in your palm.

The thimbles are placed on the index, middle and fourth finger of your left hand and covered by a handkerchief.

You reach underneath the handkerchief and remove the white thimble, dropping it in your pocket. When you remove the handkerchief the white thimble is back on the middle finger again.

This is now repeated again, and then again, and each time the white thimble reappears back on your middle finger!

It looks like clever sleight of hand but is really very easy to do with the special thimbles supplied.

At the finish everything can be taken from your hands buy a spectator and examined with no clue to your mystery.

Comes complete with the very special set of thimbles & instructions.

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