Psychic Divination

Psychic Divination

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Two brilliant and undetectable methods to produce ‘mental miracles’ under all kinds of performing conditions, close-up, cabaret or stage. Ideal for TV and other occasions.

Master Effect Number One; You correctly reveal the name of any person that any spectator cares to think of! Their mother’s maiden name, name of their first boy or girlfriend, etc.

Master Effect Number Two; You correctly divine any word freely selected by a spectator from his or her own book, that you have previously never seen. No advance preparation, no counting and no force.

Master Effect Number Three; Reading a spectator’s mind, you first describe any deceased member of their family, and then reveal the departed one’s full name. No pre-show work and no prior knowledge required.

Master Effect Number Four; Using pieces of blank card and a felt marking pen (none supplied as these are ordinary) you exactly duplicate any picture or design secretly drawn by any audience member. You can even develop the drawing in full view of your audience, Uri Geller style!

These are two reputation-building secret methods are the answer to your prayers.

Both these outstanding methods are fully explained in this fascinating Mr. ‘E’ booklet.

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