Poker Chip Prophesy

Poker Chip Prophesy

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A really exciting direct prediction trick to carry in your pocket.

You place a wallet in full view and explain that it holds a single Poker Chip; and it really does as only one prediction chip is used.

Any spectator freely selects another poker chip from a selection of three different coloured ones, and please note that they are allowed to change their minds right up to the baffling finish of the effect.

The wallet is opened and the single prediction chip is tipped out into view.

Incredibly it exactly matches the selected one!

This is very strong close-up magic that you are going to really enjoy baffling your friends with, it is so very direct and easy to perform.

Remember only one prediction chip that can be examined and three regular examinable chips of different colours are involved.

Comes complete with black plastic wallet (approx 11cm x 7.5cm when closed), chips & explanation DVD all ready for you to perform again and again!
Limited number in stock so get yours NOW!

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