No Baby - Mre

No Baby - Mre

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No Baby is a series of amusing comedy gags using a prop that end up in an incredible prediction!

No Baby is an entertaining routine in which four spectators take part. You show a folder that you claim contains your prediction of the four different choices that audience members are about to choose.

•The first spectator thinks of any word in the dictionary.
•Your second spectator thinks of any celebrity.
•The third spectator thinks of any item on a supermarket shelf.
•Your last spectator chooses a playing card.

Your prediction when taken from its folder correctly reveals each of the chosen items one-by-one in a hilarious fashion; your climax being the correct prediction of the chosen playing card!

This is a low-cost FUN item that is ideal for close-up, table-hopping and parlour shows.

Comes with the specially printed prediction card (8" x 11.5"), folder, instructions & comedy routine. Use your own pack of cards.

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