Silk to Rabbit - with Sucker Explanation

Silk to Rabbit - with Sucker Explanation

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You push a white silk into your closed hand and when you open your hand the silk is seen to have turned into a cute Rabbit!

Offering to "explain" your trick, you show that the Rabbit is hollow with a hole at one end. You pull the silk out and display the hollow bunny.

Showing how you conceal the Rabbit in your hand, you again push the silk into the Rabbit and show how you cover the hole with your thumb.

Then, you explain that someone might wish to question the Rabbit, and in that case all that you do is show the hole in the Rabbit and pull out a RED silk to everyone's complete astonishment!

It appears to be clever sleight of hand but is really very easy to do with the apparatus that we supply.

Another version of this trick, Silk to Egg with the comedy explanation, has been a feature effect of top magical entertainers worldwide for many years and is guaranteed to pull the applause from even the most difficult audiences. Now you can present the same effect but without any fear of accidently breaking the egg!

This is a true show-stopper that you will feature in both your children and adults’ shows.

The special apparatus is supplied that you can use again and again and with care will last you a lifetime. You supply a small red silk handkerchief (if you don't have one they are available on our website) or a red ribbon, mouth coil etc. No thumb tip is required.

Full instructions are included so you can start to feature this wonderful variation on a classic effect straight away!

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