Flying Ducks

Flying Ducks

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The magician shows four cards face down (and there are only four). He shows the face card of the packet to be a flying duck and he removes it to the top of the packet.

He then shows the new face card, another flying duck, and it gets placed to the top of the packet.

Once more, another flying duck is shown and dealt as with the previous ones.

The last card is shown to be a white Rabbit but the spectators are wise to the fact that it is also a duck turned around to just look like a Rabbit.

The four facedown cards are mixed and a spectator chooses one that is put aside face down.

The magician says that it would be amazing if the spectator found the Rabbit. The spectators may not think so!

But he shows the chosen card is a flying DUCK and everyone suspects that the cards are all duck to rabbit pictures.
The last three cards are turned over one by one – the first card showing a very different picture of a brown Rabbit as you remark, “This is the rabbit I wanted you to find!”
The next card is turned over to reveal a comic looking Giraffe as you remark, “And I wanted you to ignore the giraffe!”

You continue, “And how to goodness you missed the elephant I will never know!” So saying the last card is turned over to show it is a picture of a comical looking elephant.

Flying Ducks is a simple effect yet strong for lay audiences because they think they are ahead of the
magician, and also because everything is examinable at the end.

Add to those benefits that the routine requires only one sleight (which is one of the first sleights that any card worker learns), and you have a good commercial effect you can do anytime. No extra cards - just clever routining and handling.

Comes complete with the laminated picture cards (2.5” x 3.5”) plus instructions.

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