Colour Changing Egg/Stodare Egg Kit

Colour Changing Egg/Stodare Egg Kit

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The performer shows a white egg and a red silk. The white egg is placed into a tumbler and covered with an ordinary pocket handkerchief.

The red silk now mysteriously turns into a red egg.

Uncovering the tumbler, the white egg is seen to have changed to a white silk.

At this point the performer states that this isn't right, and offers to repeat the effect. The red egg is placed in the glass and covered as before and the white silk is made to change into a white egg.

When the glass is uncovered, to the amazement of all, instead of the red egg a blue silk is found in its place.

For the finish, the white egg is then changed into a blue egg!

Comes complete with eggs, silks, tumbler & instructions.
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