Challenge Impromptu Mentalism - Mr E

Challenge Impromptu Mentalism - Mr E

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Ronnie Wood made this comment to me on Facebook: 'Mega years ago (1980's) I bought a manuscript from Magic Books by Post called Challenge Impromptu Mentalism! A Magictrix publication! I used this routine to death! I was probably the first Derren Brown as I was performing this and Al Korans Jackpot Coins! Anyways! Just thought I'd ask! Challenge Impromptu Mentalism? Was this yours?'

My answer was yes, but I no longer had the manuscript. Wood kindly sent me a copy which has enabled me to market this stunning routine once again.

It’s a startling and different demonstration of mind boggling MENTALISM that can be performed anywhere at any time. No special props used.

Very convincing even to the most sceptical spectators. The mentalist’s answer to the challenge, "Read my mind!”

No playing cards are used in this 10 to 15 minutes act. Learn it in a few minutes and then perform it for years.

Comes with our republished & better than ever 6-page booklet.

FREE postage & packing to addresses in the UK. Overseas this can be sent post free as an email attachment direct to you own inbox!

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