Chips of Mystery - KDC

Chips of Mystery - KDC

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The perfect close-up mentalism effect. When Ken de Courcy first showed me this trick, he had me puzzled for days, it was only when I purchased the rights to this item & read his instructions that I realised how simply but effectively I had been fooled.

You position a small sealed envelope in full view explaining that it contains a single poker chip.

You then lay out four different coloured chips on the table, these are red, green, white and blue and you also hand out an empty paper bag. Everything can be examined.

A spectator drops the four chips into the paper bag and mixes them by shaking the bag thoroughly. Please note you do NOT touch the chips or the bag from this point onwards.

One of the coloured chips is selected from the bag in a very fair manner and when your prediction envelope is opened and the chip inside allowed to fall out it is amazingly an exact match for her chosen chip!

The prediction is different every time you perform the effect, and everything can be examined. You never touch the bag or the chips during the selection; it all happens in the spectator’s own hands. No palming.

Ideal for close-up & dinner parties as it resets in a moment. Only one prediction is used. Very easy to do. A real fooler that you will perform very often.

Comes complete with chips, prediction envelope, bag & instructions.

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