Silk to Frog

Silk to Frog

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What we offer here is an hilarious effect ideal for small dinner parties, close-up, table magic or walkabout situations and beautifully manufactured for us by Alan Wong.

What really makes this trick into a WINNER is Day's very funny routine which is not explained in Alan Wong’s version so we have prepared a special extra instruction sheet that explains all, ONLY available from Mr. E Enterprises and at no extra charge, when you purchase this item direct from us.

Alan Wong's Routine: You bring out a small green silk and ask a spectator to think of a small green animal from a pond that starts with the letter ‘F’ most people will say “Frog” and then you push the silk into your fist.

Cup your hands together and peep in between your fingers pretending you see something is changing. Ask spectator to blow on the hands and then open them up to show the silk has changed into a cute little toy frog!

Optional adults' opening: Ask someone to think of a four-letter word which begins with the letter ‘F’ - you can make up the rest using your imagination!

Billy Day’s Version: This is a lot of fun; the basic effect is exactly the same that a small green silk is pushed into the hand and changes to a little toy frog.

We supply Day's original routine that makes much more of the trick. Day's routine is excellent fun for all ages and you will absolutely love presenting it. This is only available when purchasing Silk to Frog direct from us.

We also give you further excellent ideas for a follow up using the Frog.

Very easy to do. Highly recommended!

Comes complete with the green Frog (approx. 2" x 1 1/4", 5.08cm x 3.175cm), green silk handkerchief (approx. 8" x 8 1/4", 20.32cm x 20.95cm), Day's routine & instructions.

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