Transpo Spot

Transpo Spot

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This is a delightful easy-to-do close-up trick with a clever method that is always ready to perform!

You show two matchboxes, one box has three different coloured spots on one side of its tray while the other one does not have any spots on either side.

The trays are opened to show that the boxes are absolutely empty.

A spectator is requested to rest her hand on the table perpendicularly like a wall.

The spotted box is placed on the right side of her hand and the other one on the left. You state that it is very important that both the boxes must be on the same straight line.

You further state that the spots will leave its matchbox, penetrate through her hand and attach to the other matchbox.

You then close the trays of both the boxes simultaneously.

The boxes are removed and shown to prove that the magical transfer has indeed taken place!

No loose parts are used, no sticky stuff the spots are permanently in place.

Comes complete with the Matchboxes & instructions.

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