Sam's Super Ropes

Sam's Super Ropes

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Three tricks for the price of one. Any one of these tricks with these mechanical multicolour ropes would be a good buy at this price. We give you not one, but THREE super tricks which for the price are an absolute bargain!

Use Super Ropes as three different stand-alone effects or blend them into one rope routine, with three different climaxes.

Super Unequal-Equal Ropes: This is a much stronger version of the Professor's Nightmare effect as all the ropes can be shown clearly and separately before and after the change.

Linking Rope Links: Three rope rings magically link and unlink - an amazing penetration that requires no skill or fancy moves.

The Sliding Ends: Two equal lengths of rope are tied together with a knot which then becomes a sliding knot. The ends of the ropes magically slide with the knot so that when the knot is undone, one rope is seen to be three times longer than the other.

Comes with an outfit of Multicoloured ropes which makes possible some incredibly 'impossible' magic that is easy to do!

Full instructions are also supplied for the tricks outlined but once you own these wonderful ropes you will soon come up with many ideas of your own.

Limited supplies available.

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