Banana-Rama - Jumbo size - Mr E

Banana-Rama - Jumbo size - Mr E

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Bananas are always funny which gives you the opportunity for some great comedy in your children or adults’ shows!

Four laminated cards are shown front and back each with a picture of an ordinary banana.

One card is placed in full view or given to a spectator to hold for later leaving you with just three Banana pictures.

During the amusing effect that follows these three regular Bananas magically turn into three partly peeled bananas.

Then the peeled bananas incredibly turn into three Monkey pictures, and you have guessed it, each is eating one of your peeled bananas.

Lucky for you that you placed one banana picture to one side for later - imagine the audience’s reaction when this picture turns out to be an empty banana skin!

The routine gives you three wonderful opportunities for some comedy, clowning and fun, “Someone is messing with my bananas!” Only four picture cards are used which can then be examined.

Comes with the cards, funny routine & full instructions.

We supply Banana-Rama in two different sizes Close-up size 3.75” x 5.5”, and also Jumbo cabaret size: 5.5” x 8”.

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