Birthday Prediction - Mr E DOWNLOAD

Birthday Prediction - Mr E DOWNLOAD

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You introduce a normal pack of playing cards, which can be examined and thoroughly shuffled. In fact, the pack can even be a borrowed one.

In the glorious routine that follows, you explain that a pack of cards is really your magic diary or almanac. Each card in the pack represents someone’s birth date. This is demonstrated in a most novel manner.

The pack is shuffled by anyone. One card is now laid out face down as your prediction of a spectator’s “Birthday Card”.

Using the spectator’s birth date (which you positively don’t know in advance) two other cards are counted to in the pack. Let’s say these are the Five of Hearts and the Queen of Spades. You explain that the first card represents the suit i.e. Hearts, the second cards represents the value i.e. Queen.

Your birthday prediction card is turned face upwards and proves to be the Queen of Hearts! The cards are always different each time.

Requirements: Simply a pack of cards as no advance preparation is necessary. The cards can be borrowed. Prediction is always different. No skill or sleight of hand is required.
Very easy to do.

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