Christmas Star - Mre

Christmas Star - Mre

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Christmas stories are popular with children all the year around & they will certainly LOVE Christmas Star!

“We all know Santa is the STAR at Christmas time, but there is another STAR – the one that shone over the stable on that very first Christmas Day. That’s why we have a star at the top of our Christmas tree!”

So saying, you show a large A4 laminated picture of a Christmas tree front and back together with a separate, appealing and rather comical looking Star, which you fasten to the top of the Christmas tree.

Continuing with your story you explain that once Christmas is over the star is stored separately to the tree until the following year.

Last year however, when the children looked for the star it had vanished without a trace - had someone taken it by mistake? The children are encouraged to look in their pockets and underneath their shoes but there is no sign of the missing Star! Where on earth can it be?

It’s time for the children to help you with some very special Christmas Magic and so you all say your magic words – when wonder of wonders, there is the missing star back where it belongs on the top of the Christmas tree, but there is more magic to come...

When you show the back of the Christmas tree there is a large colourful picture of Santa and Rudolf (he with the red shiny nose) waving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas for the coming Christmas season and a chance for the children to sing a favourite Christmas Carol, bringing your magic to a colourful and joyful end for all!

Comes with the A4 pictures, stars, special large switching envelope & instructions. Use your own vanishing accessories.

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