ESP Picture Cards Prediction - Mre

ESP Picture Cards Prediction - Mre

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We have redesigned the traditional E.S.P cards and have brought them right into the 21st Century making them suitable for any age group.

Even young children will be able to recognise the pictures, yet they do not lose their secret numerical value when you use them in your magic.

Imagine this: You show the five pictures that you explain are a modern version of those used by Dr Rhine in his ESP experiments in the early 1930s; after all, we all find it easier to think in pictures rather than symbols.

Five of the ESP cards with blue backs are placed faces upwards in a row on a table.

A lady spectator is then given five more cards but these have red backs and she is instructed to use her feminine intuition to lay these cards face down on top of the matching face up pictures.

Once she has done so, amazingly when each set of the five pictures are shown she has matched each set of pictures exactly, tree matches tree, house matches house and so on for ALL five sets of pictures!

Everyone will wonder if your spectator has dormant psychic abilities.

No stooges, marked cards, one ahead or behind, sticky stuff or similar are used. Easy to do and so suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Perfect for close-up, table hopping, exhibitions, television and parlour shows.

Carry them in your pocket and you are always ready to perform a stunner!

Comes with two lots of five jumbo A6 size laminated picture cards & instructions. Only ten cards used.

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