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A small innocent-looking credit card sized wallet which will easily fit into your back trouser pocket and yet with its aid you can vanish, produce or exchange any item that it can hold; credit cards, playing cards, banknotes, billets, written questions and much more!

Imagine changing a £5 note into a £20 note when paying for your groceries - you'll certainly leave them stunned!

Tear up a card, paper, even a banknote and make it whole again. Great also for making a card appear inside your empty wallet.

Explain how you were mugged and your credit card and cash were stolen leaving you with an empty wallet. A magic word and your stolen items are back again by magic!

Place a few cards into the wallet together with a razor blade. Shake the wallet and then open to show all the cards have been shredded save the selected one.

Comes with the black Z-Wallet, closed size approx 4.25" x 3" (11cm x 7.5cm) and instructions.

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