Santa Chance - Mre

Santa Chance - Mre

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Based on our popular item Trick or Treat, here is another super effect that is not just confined to the Christmas season but can be performed at any time of the year!

You show three large C5 sized envelopes (162mm x 229mm) each of which has a different colourful picture on the front depicting in turn Santa Claus, Mr Snowman and friendly-looking Ernie ELF.

Inside each envelope you show there is a single laminated card each with a picture of the character that is depicted on the outside of the envelope, the envelopes are otherwise shown to be empty.

You explain that one of the characters has brought along a special present for some lucky person to win. The other two characters are out to trick everyone.

Two people are to have a free choice of envelope and the last envelope will be yours, the performer. Yes it’s a version of Tom Sellers’ famous effect ‘Just Chance’ with an easy-to-do yet very effective method that you will just love performing.

After much fun in selecting an envelope and having tried to get them to change their minds, two spectators each choose an envelope leaving you with the last one.

The spectator’s pictures are removed and it is found there is a comical poem printed on the opposite side – which when they read out loud, makes it clear that they have lost and so the present isn't theirs.

Your character’s picture is now removed and not only have you won, but on the back of your card is a genuine banknote! Alternatively, a birthday child can win the present of a postal order or for an adult, a lucky Lotto ticket.

Comes complete with all the picture cards (8” x 5.75”) C5 sized envelopes & instructions. Easy to do!

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