Card Tricks Licence

Card Tricks Licence

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You need to approach a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant or a similar social setting, so why not show them your official-looking Magicians’ Card Tricks Licence to perform card tricks?

Allow them to examine your credit card sized licence and read the amusing statement on the opposite side as you remove your pack of playing cards showing them to be all different and genuine and then shuffling same – finally having cards selected as you go into your favourite routine.

Meanwhile the Card Tricks Licence is left in full view. Unfortunately you have difficulty in identifying one of the cards – if you fail it means that your magic club will place an endorsement on your licence – three endorsements and they will take your licence away.

“Look” you say, as you turn the licence over, “I have already got an endorsement for the King of Clubs – I am no longer allowed to reveal this card without showing my endorsement first!”

On the back of your licence has now magically appeared the King of Clubs which of course proves to be the very card selected!

By the way, you are not limited to the King of Clubs the special licences we supply will also allow you to show the Eight of Hearts or the Queen of Diamonds so you can vary the card from table to table.

The special set of credit card sized licences are laminated for long life and will easily slip into your pocket ready to perform wherever and whenever a pack of playing cards is available. Use your own or a borrowed pack.

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