Sympathetic Halves - Jumbo Size

Sympathetic Halves - Jumbo Size

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Sympathetic Halves Jumbo Size is the ideal table-hopping or parlour effect, taking up hardly any room in your briefcase & reset in seconds.

You show two packets of jumbo cards that have been cut into halves. One half is laid faces down in a row upon a table.

The other half is fanned out for a lady to use her feminine intuition and simply touch the back of any half-card, this is then turned face upwards in the face down packet.

Please note this is a completely free choice no force is used.

Each half-card, without any sleights or false moves, is now laid on top of a face down half-card upon the table.

The lady’s chosen half is still face up while the others are all faces down. Using YOUR intuition you also turn a half-card face upwards - and NO the half cards are not marked in any way.

Leaving yours and the lady’s choices still in full view upon the table, all the other sets of two half-cards are turned face upwards and none of them match their partner.

Finally you turn your half-cards faces upwards and they form a complete card; the two halves exactly matching each other, the lady now does likewise with her two half cards and she also has an exact match – making a complete card!

Everything can be left for examination if you wish. No extra half-cards are used.

Present this amazing trick as intuition, psychic powers or a strange coincidence, to your audience there doesn't seem to be any logical explanation at all!

Comes in two sizes of cards Bicycle Poker size or Jumbo Size together with instructions. Easy to do!

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