Chinese Egg Bag (mat)

Chinese Egg Bag (mat)

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We are delighted to offer this wonderful effect once again.
This is NOT the version where the egg is attached by a thread to the top of the mat. Both the mat and the egg in our super version can be shown freely at the same time and in different hands.

Chinese Egg Bag (Mat) is a trick that every audience will love!

You show a Chinese-style mat on BOTH sides and then fold it in half, you now place a solid wooden egg into the folded mat.

When the mat is unfolded the egg has vanished!

The Mat is again shown on both sides.

You can make the egg appear or disappear at will and at any time.

For a stunning finish any spectator goes to take out the egg and instead it is a REAL LEMON!

Chinese Egg Bag (Mat) comes complete with egg, Oriental-style Mat approx 12" x 18" and routine.

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