Flip Flop - It's Magic

Flip Flop - It's Magic

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Flip Flop Spots has given us a lot of fun over the years and can be found on our website. Now we introduce Flip Flop MAGIC created by "kakinada" Sreenivas which has taken this splendid effect to its natural conclusion.

You show a six-panel accordion-style folded strip which has three Red spots on top and three Green spots at the bottom.

Close the panels and then open the strip again and now the Red spots are at the bottom and Green spots at the top.

Next the spots alternate Red and Green, then change to all different colours.

Finally ALL the spots vanish, and the panels read “IT'S MAGIC”!

Flip Flop Magic is a small fold-flat prop, which plays BIG for a large audience.

When folded it measures 4.5" x 4.5", when opened fully it measures 5.5" x 27" to make a eye-catching display. Comes complete and ready to work with instructions. Easy to do.


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