Billet Index

Billet Index

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Theodore Annemann enthused over the idea of a pocket index file suitable for folded papers or ‘billets’ as they are generally called. Another fan was the late Ken Brookes of Unique Magic Studio in London. Annemann describes the making of such a pocket billet index in his book ‘Practical Mental Effects’ and tells how he used them in over seven hundred performances!

What we offer here is a slick and simplified system of billet indexes which when loaded and slipped into your pockets, provide a quick and easily accessible set of indexed billets covering all the possible selections for any effect that you wish to present.
·Write a prediction in advance and have a participant then take several articles from their pocket, bag or wallet. One of these objects is selected – and you have predicted this in advance.
·Colours, names, playing cards, numbers, words, animals and a great deal more can be successfully predicted with the aid of these pocket indexes that should be part of every magician’s and mentalist’s stock-in-trade.
·We supply a set of two ready made billet pocket indexes but once you understand the simple construction you will be able to make these for yourself out of a couple of small pieces of card (even old playing cards) in seconds.

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