Adair's Whiteboard Bat

Adair's Whiteboard Bat

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Jimmy Rogers made this trick famous with his routine using a blackboard bat and a piece of white chalk that he called I'll Start Again.

Ian Adair has brought this superb close-up effect into the 21st Century by doing away with the messy blackboard paddle & replacing it with two white paddles and two water-based markers.

Furthermore, he has brought out a booklet that includes the Jimmy Rogers' routine together with over 50 fabulous tricks you can do with the apparatus supplied.

A paddle is an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. A must-have for the close-up performer, and table-hopping magician. Highly recommended!

Comes with two white plastic paddles(6" x 1.5"), two water-based markers (one red, one black), 40-page booklet with handling tips & 50+ tricks you can perform with this handy outfit!

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