Impromptu Number Thing

Impromptu Number Thing

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This item has been around since my very early days in magic and I have been performing it for over fifty-five years.

I was therefore surprised when I totally baffled such well known magicians as Roy Van Dyke & Professor Guy Higgins with it, both experienced professional performers.

Since this performance I have tried it on a number of knowledgeable magicians with similar success. All were totally bewildered – so I decided it was time to rewrite this item before such a “mental gem” was perhaps totally lost to the magical world.

All you need to perform it is a pen and paper or card and a participating spectator. You can use it on the largest stage with an artist’s drawing pad and a black felt-tipped marking pen.

·The basic effect is that the audience member forms a three-digit number that is written down on his or her own piece of paper or card. Taking a second paper or card you read their mind and successfully duplicate their number digit by digit and with unfailing accuracy!

·No secret glimpse of their number, no impression devices, no difficult calculations and no swami or similar gimmick needed. Only pen and paper are used.
·Perform it anywhere – anytime and without difficulty.
·Repeat it immediately with a four-digit number.
·Very easy to do. No skill is required save that of presentation.

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