20th Century Silks (silky satin) 18 inches

20th Century Silks (silky satin) 18 inches

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Frank Ducrot introduced the concept of the 20th Century Silks trick in 1900. Since that time it has proven a very popular effect worldwide.

Now you can feature it in your act using these specially made silky satin Silks that are more opaque than real silks.

You show three silks separately; two of them are blue and the third one is red. (Colours may vary).

The red silk is draped over your arm while the other two blue ones are tied together by one single corner of each.

The tied silks are now positioned somewhere conspicuous like a breast pocket or a drinking glass. They can even be given to a spectator to hold.

You now vanish the third silk and to everyone's amazement, when the tied silks are removed from wherever they were, the vanished silk is found tied securely between them!

Suitable for most magic shows but if you work magic with glove puppets this is the ideal trick for you to feature.
You can use your own favourite vanish such as a change bag.

Easy to do and takes up little room in your magic bag but makes a flashy and colourful display in your show.

Comes with the special silky satin handkerchiefs 18" square & instructions.

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