Adair's Butterfly Puzzle - large size

Adair's Butterfly Puzzle - large size

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Two caterpillars are displayed, one red and the other green. Both are identical in shape and size.

Telling a story of their meeting for the first time on a cabbage leaf the green caterpillar proved to be larger than the red on.

So the red caterpillar eats more greens and with a little stretch was soon bigger than the red caterpillar. You now repeatedly stretch one and then the other; and so each caterpillar in turn appears bigger when compared with the other. The optical illusion is unbelievable!

You now ask your audience what happens to a caterpillar when it grows up? The reply will be "It turns into a butterfly" and when both caterpillar pieces are reversed and re-arranged, there is the beautiful butterfly for your climax!

This enchanting children's trick is almost self-working and so very easy to do with the two colourful boomerang shaped caterpillars that we supply.

Not to be confused with the smaller size available; these measure approx 6.75" x 1.75". Ideal for small audiences, close-up & table-hopping.

They also make an ideal present for the birthday child at parties and the like.

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