The Subliminal Touch

The Subliminal Touch

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The effect of apparently being touched by invisible spirits and other mysterious sources has long been a favourite trick with magicians, mentalists & spiritualists for many years.

A female member of your audience is invited forwards and you explain that you intend to test her subliminally for her psychic perception of her guardian angel.

The lady extends her arm and you explain that while she closes her eyes you will prepare her arm by cleaning her aura.

You also instruct her, while her eyes are closed, to notice and mentally count the number of times you touch her extended arm.

While the lady is concentrating you pass both your hands mysteriously down the length of her arm with at least a two-inch gap or so; it is obvious to your watching audience that you do not touch the lady.

Suddenly you point your forefinger at one spot on her arm and dramatically jab your finger down three times but clearly stopping two to three inches above her arm without actually touching her.

The lady now opens her eyes and either you or a member of your audience questions her as follows:

The lady is asked, “Did you feel anything touch your arm?” She replies, “Yes!”

“Where on your arm did you feel the touches?” She indicates the point at which you earlier made your dramatic stabbing motions!

“How many times was your arm touched?” She replies, “Three times!”

Your audience will be momentary shocked into silence as they watched the proceeding very carefully and no one touched her.

No, the lady isn't a stooge but a genuine member of the audience!

The lady will, however, assert for the rest of her life that “Indeed someone touched my arm three times.”

You use no outside aids to perform this outstanding mystery, no elastic threads or bands, no special electric equipment or anything similar.

No assistant or confederates are employed. In fact nothing is used save your own good self and the lady participant freely selected from your audience.

Full procedure is fully explained in our instructions.

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