Flashback - Larry Becker

Flashback - Larry Becker

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This is the original Larry Becker Flashback effect now difficult to obtain. We still have just a few in stock for the Mentalist or Magician that wants the best.

Words freely selected from a popular paperback book are instantly revealed by you the performer!

Easy to do, no sleights & no memory work. Books can be examined from cover to cover and you can have as many different words selected as you wish.

Can be repeated over and over again.

No force, no counting, no secret page markers, no daub, breaks or spine bending. Nothing written. Any page used. No "second" looks. YOU never know the page number.

No dice, cards or other extraneous items are used. No cue sheets or prompter cards. It's a fabulous professional mental effect that moves like greased lightning and hits home like a thunderbolt.

Comes complete with two paperbacks that can be used simultaneously or keep one as a spare & routine by Larry Becker.

Very limited supply.

Only £29.99

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