Three Times Right

Three Times Right

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*Telepathy *Mind-reading *Prediction! Three spectators read the mentalist's mind!

You show three blank cards of about postcard size which may be examined if you wish. Taking any one you write something upon it and then clip a printed number 1 over what you have secretly written.

A spectator is invited to use their latent psychic abilities to guess what you have written, you give them a clue that it is your favourite pet’s name.

Next you write something else on a second blank card and clip a printed number 2 again covering what you have written.

A clue is given that it is your mother’s first name.

You now write something on the third blank card and cover your writing with a printed number 3.

Several coins are now taken from your pocket and the dates on them checked by a spectator who then selects any one.

Each spectator in turn now calls out loud the telepathically received pet’s name, your mother’s name and the date on the chosen coin.

Please remember that each blank card is numbered as described.

Each and every card is shown and in each case the three spectators are 100% correct!

A very clever idea, a real fooler & extremely easy to perform.

Please don’t dismiss this as “just another” prediction; it is audience participation and first class entertainment of the very highest order.

Comes with all the necessary laminated number cards, paper-clips and instructions.

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