Telepathic Teddies - Giant Size

Telepathic Teddies - Giant Size

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Telepathic Teddies is a charming novelty audience-participation routine for both adults & children that plays BIG yet packs comfortably into your briefcase.

Five spectators (I use gentlemen) are invited forwards to be seated onto chairs numbered 1 to 5. Each participant chooses his own chair and number, then makes himself comfortable facing the audience.

You show five large envelopes, inside which you explain are five different pictures of your colourful characters, four are very mild-mannered but one is an escaped dangerous desperado. The envelopes are thoroughly shuffled and then each gentleman receives one on his lap.

You explain that we all are sensitive to danger and some people have latent telepathic powers that warn one of hazardous situations & individuals. A lady from your audience is invited to use her feminine intuition to pick out the dangerous individual amongst the five; note the lady has a perfectly free choice.

The freely chosen envelope is opened and the character inside taken out to much laughter, let’s say that the chosen envelope contains a picture of a purple teddy bear, hardly something to be feared. The other four gentleman remove the picture cards from their envelopes to show they all have pictures of different coloured teddies; red, yellow, blue, purple and brown.

You explain, however, that the experiment was a big success as the lady really HAS chosen the dangerous desperado bear who happens to be the purple one! But the audience think it is all a gag, that is until all the gentlemen turn their picture cards around to reveal the backs.

The other four teddy bears just have exclamation marks on their backs but the freely chosen bear (in our example the Purple one) has a skull & crossbones on its back & a sign saying DANGER. All five gentlemen now turn their cards over again to display the five different coloured teddies and then turn over the number card that they have been sitting on all the time to show a matching bear!

The envelopes are not marked & can be shown to be empty after the teddy bear pictures have been removed. Easy to do.

Comes with laminated picture cards in two sizes A5 Jumbo or Giant (approx 9.5 x 8”, 24 x 20cm), envelopes & instructions.

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