Animal Mental - Mr E

Animal Mental - Mr E

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Mentalism that can be presented for both children and adults is very hard to find and here is a low-priced item that will suit all age groups. It uses five pictures of lovable looking pets and five examined A5 size envelopes – nothing further is required.

Any spectator simply thinks of any one of the animals and then helps you to seal the five pictures inside the five envelopes (all the envelopes can be examined).

The envelopes are mixed and immediately without a word being said you start to get ‘mental vibrations’ which allow you to eliminate two of the sealed pictures. More vibrations and you eliminate a further picture so that just two are left in play.

At this point you explain that you cannot go further as while you are sure one of the two remaining envelopes contains the selected pet your ESP cannot decide which – so you harness the spectator’s psychic powers to yours and a fourth sealed envelope is discarded. Only one envelope is left.

The spectator names their selected creature out loud, let’s say she was thinking of the cat. Gingerly you open up the final envelope and it contains only one card – the cat!

The participant can freely think of any one of the five pets, there is no force involved. Animal-Mental is highly entertaining with any age group. Children’s entertainers can have the youngsters make animal noises and also pretend that the pets are whispering where they are hidden. Animal Mental is ideal for table-hopping or for your stand-up performances.

Comes complete with laminated pet cards, five quality A5 envelopes and instructions.

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