People Sticker Routine by Eddie Burke

People Sticker Routine by Eddie Burke

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Here is one of my favourite routines that has everything: mystery, suspense and lots of laughter. Basically it is the correct revelation via both apparent mind reading and pulse reading of six playing cards chosen from a pack by a lady from the audience and using five gentlemen to assist in this.

However, the routine is so structured to obtain the maximum entertainment value from the premise and runs in my own show for about ten minutes. During this time your volunteers and yourself mysteriously become stuck to walls, chairs, the floor and each other in a most bewildering and laugh provoking way!

People Sticking Routine is not a gimmicked novelty or a collector’s item – it is a professional routine for the entertainer to include, adapt and develop in his own show. It has been built up over the years with various ideas being added from time to time.

Today it stands on its own and is still being featured in many of my adult’s performances. I shall be very surprised if after giving it a fair trial you don’t feel that it is one of your preferred stand-up routines. Audiences absolutely love it and bookers frequently request it. No hypnotism or superglue is used!

The props are few, simple and readily available and the act is based on methods that I have time-tested over the past forty years making it a most practical reputation making effect and routine that you will truly enjoy performing and stick to!

"I want to thank you for your quick customer service and your great people sticker routine. From reading about it I knew immediately it was a real worker. Yesterday I've performed it for the first time and this will stay in my professional repertoire, it has so much potential for comedy it's amazing! Thanks for putting it out!" - Harry Lucas Austria.

15-page A4 size spiral-bound book.

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