Ring & Rope Magic

Ring & Rope Magic

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You are supplied with two long lengths of white rope that are each expertly bound at both ends together with a nicely made metal 4-inch ring.

Many exciting rope and ring effects are possible and fully explained with this set.

To put you on the road to the very best tricks in rope magic, we also include an A4 illustrated booklet of rope and ring effects to die for.

Compiled by Goutam Guha, illustrated by Mike Blaquiere & scripted by Sam Dalal you are going to have loads of magical fun learning, practising and performing some wonderful magic both for close-up and stage.

Magic knots, penetrations, ring on and off effects they are all explained in this booklet and most of them are easy to do!

Please order early because once they are gone they will be gone for good.

Comes with two long lengths of white magicians' rope, 4" metal ring & booklet.

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