Fly Away Birds - Sale item

Fly Away Birds - Sale item

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Fly Away Birds is good clean easy to do magic for your children's and mixed audience shows.

You show your audience a picture of two birds sitting on a wall, held upright with a wooden base.

You explain that you will make the birds disappear, and in order to do that you cover the plaque with a silk or cloth (not supplied).

Now putting one hand under the silk you pretend to let the birds fly away whilst getting the children to recite:

"Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall,
One named Peter and one named Paul,
fly away Peter fly away Paul".

At the same moment you turn the plaque around to show that the birds have both gone. Your young audience will protest and tell you that you only turned it around.

"All right" you reply "I will bring them back again,come back Peter come back Paul!"

So saying, once the plaque is covered with the silk you turn it around again to show that the birds have returned.

Your young audience will protest even harder this time, calling, "You turned then around."

You promise to do the trick one last time, so once again you cover the plaque turn it around and then remove the silk and the birds have flown once more.

More cries now of, "Show us the other side!"

After some further by-play you eventually turn the plaque around and there is no sign of the birds, instead there on the wall is a picture of a big cat that has frightened the birds away!

Comes with the Fly Away Birds (approx 11" 28cm high including base x 11" 28cm wide) instructions & patter.

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