Rope Wands - Black & White

Rope Wands - Black & White

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The idea of Rope Wands has been around for many years, Magictrix introduced a close-up version some 50 years ago and these were manufactured for us by the late Wally Boyce.

What we offer here is a full sized set of rope wands in black with white ends, suitable for you to feature in your close-up, cabaret or stage shows.

With the help of a child or member of your audience you introduce a short magic wand; unfortunately, just as soon as you pass it to your helper it goes limp in his hands producing much laughter from your audience.

You try a longer magic wand but this also goes limp then finally a very long wand with similar results.

As your helper tries to wave the wands they wiggle about helplessly.

Taking back the magic wands you “stretch them” so they all become the same size and you then wave all three to bring about your magic.

However, when you pass the wands back to your helper once more they immediately and magically change back to their original lengths of short medium and long to everyone’s bewilderment!

Based on Tarbell’s famous Professor’s Nightmare Rope Wands is a wonderful dressing for Tarbell’s outstanding effect & a doddle for laughter & applause.

Two alternative routines are also explained; one concerning a psychiatrist and also an excellent routine about three wiggly worms.

Comes complete with the three half inch thick Black Rope Wands with white ends (small 13.5", medium 24" & long 36") instructions & Eddie’s hilarious comedy routines.

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