Baffling Hats & Bunnies

Baffling Hats & Bunnies

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You show four individual appealing rabbits on jumbo size cards.

Placed in a row on a table or a display stand (not supplied); three Top Hat cards are counted onto each rabbit card.

The rabbits now vanish one by one from three of the packets only to reappear all in the fourth pile.

For an appealing climax one of the rabbits manages to reappear popping out of one of the hats.

The laminated picture cards of both hats and rabbits make a nice change from playing cards; having instant appeal to both the children and the ladies in your audience.

Very easy-to-do with just a little handling practice. A classic effect made better than ever to last you a lifetime!

Comes complete with 16 jumbo sized laminated cards (approx 5" x 3.75") & instructions.

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