Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell

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A gentleman from your audience is given a small envelope to slip into his pocket for safekeeping.

The gentleman’s lady is passed a bell and meanwhile a deck of playing cards are dealt faces down onto her partner’s hand, the lady is to ring the bell when she wants the dealing to stop.

She is given the choice of the card just dealt, the one in still in the dealer’s hand or the card on the top of the deck which would be dealt next, she has a free choice and is handed the card she prefers.

The discarded cards are shown to be different to each other.

From the prediction envelope one card is retracted and shown to the audience let’s say it is the Queen of Clubs.

The lady shows her card, and your miracle is complete, the card she rang the bell for is an exact match the Queen of Clubs!

No switch of the chosen card.

•The lady has a free choice any one of the cards stopped at.
•The deck is spread at the start and finish to show a well-mixed pack.
•No sleight of hand is involved & easy-to-do!

Based on Harry Baron’s Decisions! Published in de Courcy’s Coffee Break Chronicle.

Comes complete with Quality call bell, quality Bicycle deck, de Courcy’s patter routine & instructions.

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