With These Hands

With These Hands

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Using your own pack of playing cards any spectator can shuffle and cut them as much as they wish.

You then show three soft cut-out hands each a different colour and lay them out in a row on the table.

The playing cards are now dealt individually by the spectator upon each of the different coloured hands.

Two of the hands are now eliminated by any spectator together with their cards and he has a perfectly free choice in the ones he eliminates and the one he keeps - no force.

The eliminated cards are all shown to be different and can be examined.

Anyone reaches into your pocket and finds inside just one playing card, let us say this is the Eight of Diamonds.

The card on the freely chosen coloured hand is now turned over – it’s the Eight of Diamonds!

•Use any regular deck of playing cards; no gimmicks
•The lightweight hands can be freely examined
•No sleights or palming is involved
•Everything can be carried in your pockets
•The card will always be different for repeat shows
•The perfect easy to do prediction

Comes with the three different coloured soft hands (5.5” x 5.5”) & instructions. Use your own playing cards.

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