Star Attraction - Mr E

Star Attraction - Mr E

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Four differently coloured stars are shown and referred to as the four stars of your show & you go on to ask a spectator if they believe what the stars predict.

The four stars are placed in a row upon a table or the seat of a chair.

Passing cutout laminated nut picture over the row of stars several times, the spectator is invited to call stop at any time and at which point you drop the nut upon any of the four coloured stars indicated as their choice, no force.

Incredible though it may appear, you have magically influenced the participant to drop the nut on the very coloured star you have previously predicted, but there is yet more to come, for when the spectator reads out your prediction everyone will enjoy a really good laugh (sorry, it’s too good to give away here!) Hypnotism? Mind control? Psychic power? Let them judge for themselves!

The truth is that it is a very clever and baffling easy-to-do trick with an hilarious comedy finish that you will enjoy performing again and again it’s even easy to do!

Comes complete with four, coloured stars (approx 2.2” x 2.2”), lucky nut, full routine & instructions.

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