The Last Prediction

The Last Prediction

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One of the easiest-to-do but most baffling duel predictions of two playing cards ever but your audience participant is in for a shock when the last prediction is revealed.

You borrow any pack of playing cards and have the pack thoroughly shuffled.

You then remove two Aces – these are your indicator cards.

You write a prediction on a slip of paper which is folded and left in full view.

A spectator inserts the indicator cards into the deck as you deal them face down, at any point they wish.

The two indicator cards are now separated from the pack together with the cards next to them and when these cards are all turned faces upwards they prove to be an exact match for your written prediction!

A fantastic double prediction – but you haven’t finished yet:

The total values of the two prediction cards are added together and you claim that the number arrived at is the length of time the participant has left on this earth!

We won’t reveal the climax of the Last Prediction here but we assure you it is an absolute KILLER!

•Absolutely no skill or sleight of hand is required.
•Use any pack of cards everything can be borrowed, full instructions explained in our 4 page booklet with card covers.
•No advance preparation is required & the selected cards will be different each time you perform it.
•An alternative finish is also explained using a deck most magicians will already have around their house.

Highly recommended for both beginners & experienced magicians alike.

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