Premonition Revisited

Premonition Revisited

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Eddie Joseph’s Premonition is without doubt one of the finest and most amazing feats of card mentalism ever conceived.

A spectator’s freely named playing card is the only one missing from a deck when he counts and checks the cards.

The named card is then retrieved by the spectator himself from the performer’s otherwise empty pocket! Now read our stunning updated version!

An audience member is requested to name any playing card in a pack of 52.

Alternatively, four audience members can build up an imaginary playing card; one naming the colour, the next spectator the suit, a third decides if it is to be a picture or pip card and the fourth person finally chooses the value.

Anyone can now remove the deck from its box and count the cards out loud as they seek the card so freely chosen but they find only 51 cards and the freely named card is not amongst them.

A spectator can now reach into the magician’s pocket and remove the only card that is in there leaving the pocket genuinely empty.

It proves to be the very self same card freely chosen by the spectator or audience members!

*At no time do you touch the pack.
*There is no force used.
*Nor does chance play a part in the selection.
*A spectator removes the card from your pocket himself.
*Only ordinary playing cards are used - use your own.
*No stooges or pre-show work is required.
*Baffling beyond words.

Comes with our 20-page A5 sized booklet where all is revealed.

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